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This is our home, located in the midst of a beautiful valley in a lovely natural setting. To us it is a calm and remote sanctuary space. At night the stars shine bright, it is away from the bustle of the tourists. When there is a full moon – you can see the moon-shadow.

In the summer, the house stays cooler than the outside since it is well insulated. If it needs to be cooler, there is AC; if it needs to be warmer in winter, there is central heating. It feels comfortable – it feels serene.

It is away from the tourist traffic, yet we are within 7 min. from Sidari and 12 min. from the beach in Arillas or the Buddha Hall. And we can go for a lovely walk right from our house up the hill to Rachtades, over to Kounavades and returning home by the school building.


✓ Air Conditioning

✓ Central heating

✓ Mosquito nets on all windows

✓ Wifi

✓  3 Bedrooms

✓ 3 Bathrooms

✓ 1 Bathroom with bathtub

✓ Kitchen: fully ecquiped

✓ Kitchen stove with 2 ovens

✓ Fridge & freezer

✓ Dishwasher

✓ Washing machine

✓ Patio

✓ Backyard

✓ Jacuzzi

✓ Garden

✓ Parking on premise

First Floor


Ground Floor