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Intranet Design

Intranet Design for DEPUYSSYNTHES

  • Unified brand experience
  • Fostering corporate culture
  • Knowledge management
  • Always find the most up-to-date information, policy, customer information, sales decks, legal requirements, industry guidelines, announcements, from anywhere at any time.

Intranet Design for Tamedia


  • A consistent brand experience: personalized dashboard and content to deliver secure information to specific employees at the right time.
  • Wiley, longtime head of design for Google’s search products, says, “Beauty itself has utility. That was a big part of our internal recognition. What beauty brings to function is hierarchy, what’s related to each other, and how things are related.”
  • News ticker, news articles and deployment of social networking features
  • Mega fast and comprehensive life-search
  • Highly personalized dashboard, with widgets that can be added by every employee in accordance to their needs and work flow.