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How the Best Firms Build Premier Brands


Authors Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr are the coauthors of the Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine bestseller Rainmaking Conversations and Professional Services Marketing; Lee W. Frederiksen is coauthor of Online Marketing for Professional Services.

A must read for anyone who is involved in management of a professional services company or generally involved in business development, the book provides practical value and covers key areas such as:

  • Creating a marketing and growth strategy
  • Establishing the reputation to become a respected thought brand
  • Establishing the visibility to become a market leader
  • Implementing a proven marketing communications program that works in any economy
  • Developing a lead generation strategy
  • Increasing repeat business
  • Developing rainmakers techniques and skills
  • And more

The book delivers great tools for today’s marketplace!

Praise for Professional Services Marketing:

“This book is that rare thing: simutaneously wise, practical, readily accessible, and data driven. A necessary addition to your reading.”

—David Maister, author of Managing the Professional Service Firm

“Professional Services Marketing will certainly become the bible of the field in short order! Without a doubt, the most useful compendium of marketing insight for the practicing professional services firm executive . . . BRAVO!”

—Leonard A. Schlesinger, President, Babson College, and coauthor of The Service Profit Chain

“It’s no longer sufficient to be a good ‘expert for hire’—you need a brand and a powerful marketing engine behind you. Professional Services Marketing is a gold mine of research- based strategies, best practices, and specific techniques that will help you consistently win in the client marketplace and outshine your competition. It’s thoughtful, funny, and filled with the how-to so often missing in business books.”

—Andrew Sobel, coauthor of Clients for Life

“Schultz and Doerr offer tactics and information in an easy-to-read, concise, and enjoyable format. Professional Services Marketing should be a required resource in every professional marketer’s tool box!”

—R. Granville Loar, Executive Director, Association for Accounting Marketing

“This book is an excellent resource for anyone involved in professional services. It is especially timely in our current challenging economic conditions, and the ideas and guidance are relevant for the better times to come as well.”

—Josh Lee, Partner, Monitor Deloitte

“Smart. Practical. Comprehensive. This is the one book that won’t collect dust on my shelf.”

—Kevin McMurdo, Chief Marketing Officer, Perkins Coie

“Professional Services Marketing is the first book to directly address the challenges of the professional services marketer. This book is filled with practical wisdom and research on best practices and processes specifically for this industry. A must-read for anyone in a professional services firm!”

—Paul Dunay, Global Vice President of Marketing, Maxymiser